Get Advice

Get Advice

Years have gone by and you have never sought advice on how to really grow your real estate business.

Today, you have the chance to change the course of your business.

Request from Derek Chappel, a real estate investor, and active real estate broker how to change and increase sales, or exposure for your real estate company.

Here are the steps to follow and get advice from Derek Chappel:

  1. Write down the current status of your real estate business. How many agents you have under your brokerage, where you are currently promoting your services, are you offering incentives to real estate agents that brings more agents to your company?
  2. Send that message to
  3. Wait 2-3 days for a response from Derek Chappel.
  4. After Derek’s response, he’ll determine if you’re an ideal student of his 30 days of pain, 30 days of success program.
  5. Follow Derek’s program and let us know your experience after 30 days of applying throughouly the program.

We know that your business will drastically change and you’ll start seeing better results, after finishing the program don’t forget to share with the team your experience, and what changes you have noticed in your business.

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