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(I tried to include those VO bloggers who post regularly, but I’m sure I may have missed a few, and I do no want to exclude anyone who should be on this list. If you know of a Voiceover Blogger that should be added to the list, please provide the link in the ‘comments’ section below.)

 ** Denotes blogs considered The Most Influential Voiceover Blogs of 2011 by Voice123


Abbe Holmes – Voice Over Coach

Andrew B. Werhlen – ABW Voiceovers

Andy Boyns – British & Turkish Voice Talents

Anna Parker-Naples – Voiceover Artist

Anne Ganguzza – VO Peeps

Anthony Gettig – Pro Tools For VO

Anthony Mendez – Post-Amp


Barbara Quesada – The Voice Of Barbara – Listen Up (vo tips & resources)

Bill DeWees – Voice-Over-Training

Billy James – BillyVoice

**Bob Souer – The Voiceover Boblog

Bobbin Beam – Voiceover Sampler

Brad Venable – The VOapbox

Brian Amador – Bilingual Voiceovers

Brian Haymond – The Voice of Brian


Carrie Lee Martz – Acting Up

Caryn Clark – The Hip Chick

Charlie Sill – CSill Voiceovers

Chris Kendall – Voice Artists United

Christian Rosselli – Voice of Wisdom

Cia Court – Vox Goddess

Cliff Zellman – Through The Talkbalk

Colin McLean – Vocal Flair

**Connie Terwilliger – ISDN Voice Talent

Corey Snow – VoxMan


**Dan Friedman – Sound4VO

Dan Hurst – English & Spanish Voice Talent

Dan O’Day – Dan Talks About Radio

Darlene Rodrigo – Voiceover Artist

**Dave Courvoisier – Voiceacting in Vegas

Dave DeAndrea – Voice Actor & Producer

Dave Wallace – Dave’s Audioblog

David Radtke – Voice Actor’s Notebook

D.C. Douglas Blog – In the booth, on the set & out of my arse

Debbie Grattan – More Than Just Lip Service

Debbie Irwin – Jusy Sayin’

Debby Barnes – Voice-Over Rah Rah!

**Derek Chappell – The Voice of Your Business

Diane Bean – Voiceover Talent

**Doug Turkel – Voiceover Talent

Doug Zanger – A Little North(West) of Usual


Erik Reynolds – Erik Audio

Erik Sheppard – Voice Talent Productions Blog


Frank James Bailey – Voiceover Blog


George Washington III – The eVOlution of Voiceover

George Whittam – VO Studio Tech


Heather Costa – Heather’s VO Corner

Helen Lloyd – Choice Voices

Herb Merriweather – Megaphone Musings

Hugh Klitzke – Voice Over For The Actor


J. Christopher Dunn – Sometimes I Stop Talking Long Enough To Type

J. Michael Collins – Voiceover P2P Sites Made Easy

Jane Knight – Voiceover Blog

Jamie Muffett – Your Brit Voice

Jason McCoy – MP Voice Over Blog

Jay Britton – Voice Over Artist

Jeffrey Kafer – My Voice Talent

Jerry Reed – Jerry’s Voice…Past, Present & Future

Jim & Penny – Voiceacting.com

Joe J. Thomas – Joe’s Dump

John Harley – Confessions Of A Voiceover Artist

John Lano – Voice Over Genie

John Melley – Voice Over & Production

Johnny Heller – For The Hell Of It

Jordan Reynolds – Jordan’s Chopped Thoughts

**J.S. Gilbert – Of interest to advertising, production, gaming people

Juan Carlos Bagnell – The Ramblings of Some Audio Guy

Justin S. Barrett – Finding My Voice


Kara Edwards – The Voices in Her Head

Karen Commins – A Voice Above the Crowd

Karen Souer – Voiceover Assistant

Karl Littardi – A Blog for the Ravenous Voiceover

Kelley Huston – Voiceover News

Kevin Delaney – Voiceover Ninja

Kyle McCarley – Voice Over Actor


Lance Blair – American Voice Over Talent

Lauren McCoullough – The Voice Next Door

Lesley Bailey – Voiceover Gurus

Lisa Foster – Voice Over Talent

Lisa Rice – Natural. Convincing. Voice.


Marc Scott – Voice Talent

Marice Tobias – Point of View

Mary Dominiak – The Bard’s Voice

Matt Forrest – Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme

**Maxine Dunn – VO/Creative Business Advisor

Melanie Haynes – Refined, Not Tamed

Melissa Moats – VO Blog Las Vegas

Mercedes Rose – Unscripted

Mike Broderick – Voiceover Blog


Natasha Marchewka – Your Work Is All I Talk About

Nathan Lang – African/American Voiceover Talent Blog

Neil Williams – English Male Voiceover

Nicola Redman – Irish Voice


Patrick Munoz – The Voice Zone

Paul Baston – Paul Baston Voices

Paul Hernandez – Voice Actor

Paul J. Rose – So Many Voices…So Little Hair

**Paul Strikwerda – Nethervoice

**Peter O’Connell – Voxmarketising

Pierre Milan – The Intimate Thoughts of…


Rachael Naylor – Voiceover Artist

Ralph Hass – Has the Voice

**Randye Kaye – Life on the Voiceover List

Rebecca Forstadt – Voice Actor

Rhonda Phillips – Rhonda’s Ramblings

Rich Brennan – JustMyVoice

Richard Heathcote – Voice Over Artist

Rick Lance – The Voice of Americana

Rob Marley – Life In the Modern World of Voiceover

Roger King – Voiceover Canada

Rose Caiazzo – Adventures In Voice Over (with Rose!)

Rosi Amador – Bilingual Voiceovers

Rowell Gormon – the Brew

Ryan Drean – Ryan on the Radio


Sabra May – Confessions of a Voice Actress

Sam Swicegood – Voiceover Blog

Scott Fortney – Take My Voice

Scott Larson – Spoken Words Are Art For The Ears

Scott & Susan Spaulding – The He Said She Said Voice Over Blog

Stephanie Ciccarelli – Vox Daily

Steven Lowell – Stevo’s Blog

Steve O’Neill – Voiceover Blog

Steve Tardio – What’s New


Tavia Gilbert – Performer. Writer. Producer.

**Terry Daniel – Introspection

Tina Maloney – The VO Helper

Tina Wilson – The Voice Of Experience

Todd Resnick – Resnick Interactive Group

Tom Dheere – Good Karma Network

Tony Pasquale – A Voiceover Blog


Victor Singleton – The VO Factory

Victoria DeAnda – Spanish Voiceover Talent

Voice Over Herald – Voice Over Industry News

VoiceOverTimes – via Voices.com

Voxy Ladies – Girls Guide To Voiceover