Coming Soon: (With Your Help) The Top Voiceover Blog Posts of 2014!

2014-2015-calendar-heroHELP! Can someone please tell me where 2014 went??

I’ve always heard that as you get older the years seem to go faster and faster. I’m not sure why that is, and why we can’t appreciate that time moves slower when we’re younger, but I DO BELIEVE!

That said, and since the end of the year will come, whether we’re ready or not, it’s time for me to help you catch up on one, two, or twenty of the years best Voiceover Blog Posts that you may have missed, or read once and couldn’t find again.

I am calling on you, my friends in the Voiceover Blogosphere who write so many fabulous blogs, to send me YOUR Top Voiceover Blog Post for 2014, so I can compile the ultimate year-end list, like we did for 2013, which contained over 50 top blog articles.

guest blog_mic2Please send the link to your favorite, most popular, top viewed, most tweeted…whatever criteria you use, voiceover blog post in 2014, and I’ll have the full list compiled and shared right here by the end of the year. But do it QUICK! I need them by December 19 at the latest!!!

Send your Top Voiceover Blog Post link to:  Or, send the link to me via Inbox on Facebook. Or, send the link via Twitter @DerekChappell  Or, use the ‘contact me’ tab on this blog. HOWEVER you can most easily send the link, please do!!

I’m excited to share the list and the AMAZING content that is generated daily, weekly and monthly by you, my vo blogging brethren!

Thank You!!!

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7 Top “Faffcon” Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – September 28, 2014

1948115_687971947911289_3843708365757394745_n - CopyAs you know, the annual Voiceover Unconference known as Faffcon wrapped up this past week at the beautiful Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort and Spa, in Tucson, Arizona. Faffcon 7 was a HUGE success for the 100 voice artists who attended. This was my first trip back since Faffcon 2 in Atlanta in 2011, and once again, it did not disappoint.

If you unfamiliar with Faffcon, it is the only conference for working VO professionals whose content is 100% created by and for the participants. A working retreat of sorts in which various VO topics are explored in peer-led groups, an unconference. The objective and guiding principle behind FaffCon is very simple- “Get What You Need, Share What You Can”.

20140918_171220 - CopyAnd indeed that’s magically what happened in the desert of Arizona this past week.

I went to Faffcon with an agenda of ideas, objectives, and questions that I was looking for other vo talent to help me sort out and answer. I returned with even more answers and golden nuggets than I thought possible. Needless to say, since my return, I’ve started my action-plan (thank you Tom Dheere) toward taking my voiceover business to the next level, thanks to all of my Faffcon-Family!

10402600_10152327335551932_3758879309268419759_nAnd the weekend wasn’t just about ‘us’. In keeping with tradition, Faffcon creator, Amy Snively, put the Faffers to the test of leaving the location of the event in a better state than we found it, by asking participants to contribute to a local charity. This years recipient of the Faff-charity campaign was the Child Learning Center, in Tucson, who help children who have difficulty with their communication skills and abilities. Fellow faffers dug deep and set a new record by donating $5,500 to the charity. What a feeling it was to see the Director of the Learning Center receive the check. Not a dry eye in the house! Wow!

To see all of the Tweets, Posts & Pics from Faffcon 7, click here!

10649634_10152327334786932_1941277495730657981_n - Copy 20140921_181740 - CopyMy experience at Faffcon 7 would not have happened without the following friends that I can’t even begin to THANK enough for their support:  Amy Snively, Lauren McCullough, Dale Leopold, and Dave Courvoisier.


If you’d like to know more about Faffcon 7, and the experience that was, I suggest reading…

7 Top “Faffcon” Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

(in no particular order)

  1. Faffcon Demystified dave Dave Courvoisier
  2. Faffcon 7: My Experience bobbin Bobbin Beam
  3. Faffcon Je T’aime brad Brad Venable
  4. Have You Ever Heard Of Faffcon? bob Bob Souer
  5. My FaffCon Wrap-Up dan Dan Friedman
  6. What We Learned From Faffcon 7 vocal booth to go - Copy VocalBoothToGo
  7. 10 Things I Learned At Faffcon 7 jerry Jerry Reed


After I published this article, which included 7 articles written by my fellow-faffers, my good friend, Karen Souer published an article that shared her Faffcon experience, so I wanted to be sure Karen got the pub she deserved.

  1. Faffcon 7 Retrospective karen souer - Copy Karen Souer

You can read ALL of the voiceover-related blog posts from the past week on VOICEOVER BLOGTALK.

Don’t see your favorite Voiceover Blog author here? Find them on the VO BLOGROLL.

And, if you missed them, be sure to read the Top Voiceover Blog Posts of 2013

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VOICE 2014 – See All Of The Tweets, Posts & Pics

Whether you’re one of the many talented voiceover actors in Anaheim, CA this week attending VOICE 2014, or, like others, simply watching from home via social media, you can see all of the Tweets, Posts & Pics from the event on my VOICE 2014 Storify Page.

When posting, sharing, and commenting about VOICE 2014 on any platform, be sure to use the hashtag, #Voice2014, so I can curate all of the fun.

There are 2 ways to find the page:

  1. Click the link you find in the title bar above named ‘Voice 2014′
  2. Click this link to go straight to the VOICE 2014 Storify Page

VOICE 2014 Logo

Enjoy and Thanks For Sharing!!

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Consensus: VO/Social Media Panel Chooses “Twitter” As Favorite

kevinWhat? You missed the latest edition of East West AUDIO Body Shop on Monday? With the amazing panel of voice artists gathered for the first-ever EWABS Social Media/VO RoundTable, what in the world could have taken your attention elsewhere?

Oh. That’s right. Some of you were more interested in watching that little variety/awards show on NBC. The Prime Time Emmy’s.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Brian Cranston. Breaking Bad. Seth Meyers.

Well, not to be outdone, we had the lovely and talented Trish Basanyi and Lisa Rice. And the lovely and talented Jerry Reed and John Lano. And of course the ever-popular and beloved (and lovely), Dan Lenard and George Whittam as your hosts.

Over the course of an hour and forty-eight minutes we talked, shared, highlighted, complained, learned, and hopefully brought something useful to the table for you to use in your social media/voiceover plan.

Highlights included:

  • Disgust with the way Facebook has become the ‘pay to play’ of social media
  • How to use Twitter and LinkedIn to prospect for clients
  • Discussion about use of ‘personal’ Facebook pages for ‘business’ use
  • Apps and other programs to help alleviate the ‘time-suck’ of using social media
  • Google+ and it’s potential…

new_twitter_logo…And one consensus reached amongst all the panelists…Twitter is by far our favorite social media platform.


I thoroughly enjoyed chatting about vo and social media (as you can tell because I probably talked too much) with these incredibly gifted vo friends, and I do hope Dan and George will invite us back for part 2 soon!

If you did watch live on Monday night…Thank You for sharing your time with us!!

Click to watch EWABS Episode #155 – August 25, 2014 – Social Media RoundTable

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Need Advice On Your VO-Social Media Marketing?

ewabs roundtableIf you’ve been a part of the ‘online’ voiceover community for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt heard of, watched, and enjoyed more than one of the amazing episodes of East West Audio Body Shop, hosted by Dan Lenard & George Whittam.

Over the past 150+ shows, Dan & George have had some of THE TOP names in the voiceover industry as guests on their popular, weekly show, discussing topics from home studios to marketing to microphones to software to Faffcon’s & VOICEConventions to…well you get the idea!

Apparently Dan & George have run out of guests, because on tonight’s episode, I am honored and humbled to have been asked to be a guest on a Social Media/VO RoundTable discussion. The other members on tonight’s panel are well-accomplished voiceover artists and users of social media in their marketing campaigns…

  • Trish Basanyi
  • Lisa Rice
  • Jerry Reed
  • John Lano

The show starts a 9:00 Eastern/ 8:00 Central/ 6:00 Pacific at

During tonight’s show you’ll learn:

  • How to find the Best social media platform for your business
  • How to use social media to prospect for cleints
  • How you can use social media to research your potential clients
  • How use of social media can get you referrals
  • Do’s and Dont’s of using social media for your voiceover business
  • …and More!

Join us tonight for a VO/Social Media RoundTable on EWABS!

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