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edge studio logoOn this week’s edition of The Monday Morning Edge, the Edge Studio staff explains that agents aren’t just there to pull a rabbit out of a hat for your vo career, and, on the latest episode of Whittam’s World, George answers a viewers question about room tone.

David Goldberg, CEO of Edge Studio, and his staff & coaches, are industry leaders in coaching, recording, and directing voiceover talent,. They are well known as one of the premier studio’s for voiceover education and community, providing years of knowledge and insight, not to mention tons of free stuff.


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An Agent Is Not A Magic Wandby Edge Studio

agentThere’s no magic wand in show business.

Few voice over artists land a lot of jobs by merely hanging out their shingle (putting up a website), posting a demo and waiting for clients to call. It also takes “legwork” and continual professional development over the years.

Your website is simply “home base”. From there, you branch out and promote yourself, via email, mail, phoning, networking, and all that “marketing” in our business entails.

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Whittam’s World

with George Whittam

A Gate To Room Tone

Special thanks to Josh Carpenter for submitting this week’s question. 

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