10 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – April 5, 2014

blog-pic-for-top-blog-postsThis week in the voiceover blogosphere the majority of articles centered around personal advice, motivation, and self-help strategies for the voice actor, rather than technical jargon or social media assistance. Just more proof that the online voiceover community is just that – a community.

I am amazed each week as I read and share your wonderful stories just how giving, caring, and inspirational each actor seems to be toward their fellow actor. To those on the outside of this vo community, I am sure it is difficult to understand why one would want to share such motivation and advice with the ‘competition’. But, to the actor inside this community, other actors aren’t considered competition, they are friends, colleagues, and valuable resources, who, through sharing motivation for others bring motivation to themselves!

Enjoy such inspiring thoughts from these actors & bloggers in the Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week.

Have a Great week behind the mic!!

10 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

(no particular order)

  1. Mr. Keating’s Opinion On Submitting Yourself For Judgment brad venable Brad Venable
  2. No Time For Your Voice Over Career? Try This susan berkley Susan Berkley
  3. Are You Surrounding Yourself With The Wrong Kind Of People? David Lawrence Xvii David H. Lawrence XVII
  4. Voiceover Audition Psychology Part 2 – 5 Keys To Positive VO Audition Outcomes debbie grattan Debbie Grattan
  5. MP3 And A Nice Cup Of Tea steve oneill Steve O’Neill
  6. Voiceover Wisdom From A 150 Year Old Book Jerry Reed Jerry Reed
  7. Top 5 List Of Foolish Biz Advice BobbinHeadshot Bobbin Beam
  8. What’s Your Motivation Marc Scott Marc Scott
  9. The #1 Thing To Do When You Realize Your Feelings About Acting Have Changed anthony meindl Anthony Meindl
  10. Make Friends With Adrenaline For Lower Stress ann utterback Ann Utterback

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