10 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – March 15, 2014

blog-pic-for-top-blog-postsIt’s often said in this business that it’s not the sound of your voice, but what you do with it that makes you a sought-after and successful voice talent. To me, no one epitomized that truth more than a man who had more personality in his voice, and in life, than the icon we lost this week, Hal Douglas. A legend in voice trailers and commercials for decades, Douglas passed away at the age of 89.

If there’s ever a Mount Rushmore built for voice actors, you have to put Hal Douglas right between Don LaFontaine and Mel Blanc.

10 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

(no particular order)

  1. The Trade School Syndrome marice tobias Marice Tobias
  2. Is This Common Mistake Killing Your Chances For Voice Over Success? susan berkley Susan Berkley
  3. How And Why Voice Actors Should Take Control Of Their Voice Over Industry reatime casting Realtime Casting
  4. Wolfson Wisdom dave courvoisier Dave Courvoisier
  5. Observations On The Ever Changing Voice-Over Acting Landscape, Part 2 debbie grattan Debbie Grattan
  6. Moth Or Flame? joe j thomas Joe J. Thomas
  7. Competence steve oneill Steve O’Neill
  8. Low Costs Tools For Your Small VO Business Johnny-Hatebait-150x150 Johnny Hatebait
  9. World-Voices Organization Urges VO Producers & Studios To Look Beyond ISDN Dan-LenardThumb Dan Lenard
  10. In Business, Be Forward About Coming Forward Mike Broderick Mike Broderick

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