The Top Voiceover Blog Posts of 2013

blog-pic-for-top-blog-postsIt all started in 2009, when I posted my first voiceover blog article. It sucked!

Since then, I’ve learned as much about being a blogger as I have about being a voice actor. How? By reading YOUR voiceover blogs! That’s right. I’ve learned more about the voiceover industry as a whole from…youthe voiceover blogging community.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: reading the vo blogs of colleagues, coaches, agents, engineers, stars, and newbies is a FREE voiceover education, every week!

A year ago, I made a decision to not only continue to post vo-related articles on my blog, to educate & entertain about the voiceover profession, but to also read ALL vo blogs I could find, and share the BEST every week for an entire year. Why? Because when I was getting back into the business in ’07, I found plenty of info on the old interweb, but it seemed to be all over the place, with no continuity on where to find the quality content.

So I figured there must be others out there, both experienced vo pros and those just starting to explore their passion, who would like to be able to find the best info & content in one convenient location. And I thought, “Why not give them that ON MY BLOG.”

Little did I know that 2013 would be the year that EVERYONE either started, revived, or continued a voiceover blog. In January, I was reviewing maybe 25 blogs a week. As the year continued, more and more vo blogs started gracing the blogosphere, to where I am now reviewing at least 50 – 70 blogs a week. Whew!!

Here are a few numbers I’d like to share about the past 52 weeks:

  • Posted “The Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week” in 48 of the past 52 weeks
  • Shared nearly 600 articles
  • Read over 2,000 articles
  • Women are writing nearly double the amount of content now than they were in January
  • Voiceover BlogTalk is nearing 10,000 views
  • VO Blogroll has nearly 100 blogs listed and linked
  • The Voiceover Blogs community on Google+ has 233 members
  • Dave Courvoisier posted vo articles 5 days a week for 52 weeks

Here are a few thoughts I’d like to share about the past 52 weeks:

  • Each vo blog writer has a distinct personality that shines with each post
  • Each week there are vo blogs that educate, entertain, inform, inspire, cause laughter, tears, and joy
  • Each week, I gain a new friend in the vo community by reading, commenting & sharing their articles
  • Each week, there’s some way you can help another vo member via fundraisers, prayers, or support
  • Each week, someone writes an article that makes you think and contemplate your talent, goals, and aspiriations
  • Each week I am amazed at how selfless & motivational the vo community is when it comes to sharing content
  • Each week I read, learn from, be inspired by, and share your content is a fantastic week of life

My friends, I say Thank You for a fantastic year of vo content by giving you the Top Voiceover Blog Posts of 2013. (There are a few familiar names that are not on the list, simply because those blog writers were not able to get an article to me in time, given the holidays and other scheduling circumstances. I will still be adding articles as they come in over the next few days, so I recommend bookmarking this page and visiting often, to be sure you’re not missing another Top VO Blog Post of 2013.)

Enjoy! And have a GREAT YEAR behind the mic!


(in no particular order)

  1. Cash Goggles And ROI Rage joe j thomas Joe J. Thomas
  2. An Alternative To ISDN: ip DTL Could Just Be The Future rachael naylor Rachael Naylor
  3. How To Think Like A Success! tom Dheere 2 Tom Dheere
  4. Voiceover: Opportunity & Preparation Dan Friedman Dan Friedman
  5. The Voice Over Mom Heather Costa Heather Costa
  6. JR’s Usable Advice debby barnes Debby Barnes
  7. Audition Head Trips dave courvoisier Dave Courvoisier
  8. What If You Couldn’t Read This? herb merriweather Herb Merriweather
  9. The Voice Over Cult…Or Is It? christian rosselli Christian Rosselli
  10. My Voice Over Fetish jordan reynolds Jordan Reynolds
  11. Direction Without Directing lisa rice Lisa Rice
  12. How To Invest Your Time, Not Just Fill It, To Build Your VO Career Ron Minatrea Ron Minatrea
  13. Self Promotion & Your Voice Over Business – Part 3 Marc Scott Marc Scott
  14. Snap, Crackle & Jaw Pop! elizabeth holmes Elizabeth Holmes
  15. Europe Cracks Down On Late Payments PaulStrikwerdaHeadshot Paul Strikwerda
  16. Your Agent Is…Who? Frank James Bailey Frank James Bailey
  17. If A Tree Falls And Everybody Is On The Internet… js gilbert J.S. Gilbert
  18. Virtually A Day With Friends andy boyns Andy Boyns
  19. Let’s Get Animated william boyns William Boyns
  20. The Gold Rush bob souer Bob Souer
  21. Karen’s Primer On Narrating Royalty Share Audiobooks karen commins Karen Commins
  22. Website Fun! rose caiazzo Rose Caiazzo
  23. How To Cure The Disease Of Negativity In Your Voiceover Business Terry Daniel Terry Daniel
  24. Task Manage The Goldilocks Way J Christopher Dunn J. Christopher Dunn
  25. The Difference Between High Rates & Low Rates: It’s Not Money Matt Forrest Matt Forrest
  26. My A-Z Of Voiceover, Vol. 2 stefania lintonbon Stefania Lintonbon
  27. Why My Voice Over Agents Matter peter oconnell Peter O’Connell
  28. Inspirational Ways For Voice Over Success anna parker naples Anna Parker-Naples
  29. What Motivates You? rex anderson Rex Anderson
  30. The Full-Time Eclectic Voice Talent: Many Eggs, Several Baskets randye kaye Randye Kaye
  31. Choices…Too Many Or Not Enough? andrew wehrlen Andrew B. Wehrlen
  32. Do You Know Someone Who You Can Recommend? connie terwilliger Connie Terwilliger
  33. EMMY Win? Passion? What? brian haymond Brian Haymond
  34. IP DTL…The Interview And Test posy brewer Posy Brewer
  35. Voiceover Talent: Ultimate Business Resources doug turkel Doug Turkel
  36. Ted Williams: The Story Behind ‘The Golden Voice’ constantino de miguel Constantino De Miguel
  37. Improve Your Voice Over Auditions By Answering One Simple Question juan carlos bagnell Juan Carlos Bagnell
  38. Voiceover Business Profitability BobbinHeadshot Bobbin Beam
  39. How To Resurrect A Lost Client John Melley John Melley
  40. HA! She Said ‘I Do’ 25 Years Ago Today! ralph hass Ralph Hass
  41. Why Maude In Accounts Should Stick To Her Own Job richard heathcote Richard Heathcote
  42. 4 Reasons Why The Brain Thinks Women Should Voice Movie Trailers johnlano John Lano
  43. One Hour A Week karen souer Karen Souer
  44. Bed, Bath & Beyond justin barrett Justin Barrett
  45. The #1 Thing To Remember About Being An Actor (or any artist of any kind) anthony meindl Anthony Meindl
  46. Five Pieces Of Voice Over Advice You Should Be Ignoring tara tyler Tara Tyler
  47. What’s The Deal roger king 2 Roger King
  48. The Business Of Being A Voice Actor abbe holmes Abbe Holmes
  49. Ryan On The Radio: Episode 60 – Jon Carter [podcast] ryan drean Ryan Drean
  50. Sitting Is The New Smoking? ann utterback Ann Utterback
  51. Self Employed? Working From Home? Nice… nicola redman Nicola Redman
  52. The Waiting Room – No. 2 Hugh Klitzke Hugh Klitzke

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