10 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – April 21, 2013

With all of the tragic events this past week in Boston and Texas, I again want to extend my thoughts and prayers to those whose lives were forever affected. May the love of God send healing and strength your way.

Although it seemed trivial to blog or read about voiceover during this time, life did go on for those not directly involved, and, since you may have been glued to the tube to keep up on the events, you may have missed some fantastic vo information that was shared by many of the top bloggers in the voiceover biz. So, in case you missed them, here are my picks for the Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week.

I hope the week ahead brings more peace, healing, and understanding for all. Have a good week behind the mic!

10 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

  1. How Voice Over Success Is Like A TACOJ. Michael Collins
  2. The Argument For VO Marketing On Social MediaDave Courvoisier
  3. Power-Down For Better SleepAnn Utterback
  4. I Can’t Turn This Light OffJoe J. Thomas
  5. Why Online Voice Casting Escrow Means Pay Is LowSteven Lowell
  6. How To Interact With A MicrophoneConstantino De Miguel
  7. Are You With The Mike Curb Congregation..Jerry Reed
  8. The REAL Secrets Of Voice Over MarketingTom Dheere
  9. How To Motivate Your ‘Audio Engineer’ IdentityJohn Lano
  10. Target Your Most Likely Voice Over Prospects With Your ‘Go To’ SpecialtiesDaryl Smith

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