No One Seeing Your VO Facebook Fan Page? Here’s Why!

With the recent Facebook ‘Timeline’ format change for businesses, many VO talent, including yours truly, spent plenty of time creating a visually pleasing, self-promoting, content rich page. Another piece of the marketing puzzle. You know, ‘build it and they will come’.

So why haven’t THEY come? Do you really see a lot of activity on your Facebook VO fan page? If you don’t, it’s not all your fault. You can actually put part of the blame on your friends who have ‘liked’ your page, but nothing more. Seems odd doesn’t it? To blame the very friends who like you? But don’t put all of the blame on your friends for not interacting. Most of your angst should be directed at Facebook’s ‘EdgeRank’ algorithm.

Learn more by reading, “Why 84% Of Your Facebook Fans Are Lurkers”, by Ari Herzog.

And, check out this explanatory infographic by Genevieve Lachance:

What do you think? Are Facebook Fan Pages worth the effort? If so, what will you do to create more interaction?

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  • Paul Strikwerda

    Let’s remember one thing: making people come to your Facebook page means more hits for… Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

    If you want to increase your search engine ranking, you need to send people to your website. Facebook is for water cooler conversations. Your personal website is where you do business!

  • John Florian

    Very helpful info, Derek. My mind’s a blur about this, and you’re helping with focus.