97 Voiceover Tips, Insights & A Little Humor for 2012

As someone who loves to use this blog to educate and entertain about the voiceover profession, I’ve come to appreciate ‘The List’ as the most efficient and effective way to share a lot of information with you, in a concise manner. A List can be any number of relevant topics, links, or ideas, usually grouped like this:

“Top 10…”   “5 Most Effective…”  “3 Best…”

As an avid reader of other voiceover blogs, I’ve also come to appreciate ‘The List’ for the same reason. It’s a great way to find a lot of relevant information, quickly, without having to read paragraph after paragraph. (It was invented for those of us who are easily distracted ~ squirrel ~ or have ADHD issues!)

So far, in 2012, there has been a plethora of fantastic voiceover knowledge and information provided by some of the best and most knowledgeable voiceover bloggers, via, ‘The List’. In case you may have missed a few, here are 97 Voiceover Tips, Insights and a Little Humor that have been shared so far this year.

38 Ways To Advance Your Career, Make More Money, Save Time …Doug Turkel

12 Trends of Voiceacting for 2012David Ciccarelli

List ‘O ‘Leven Latest LinksDave Courvoisier

Six Way to Take Charge of 2012Bobbin Beam

10 Things Clients Don’t Care AboutPaul Strikwerda

Top 10 VOX Daily Posts from 2011Stephanie Ciccarelli

10 Things Voice Over Directors Say… And What They REALLY MeanBilly James

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