Q: What’s Your Fee? A: How Much You Got? – Talking Budget With A Client

An issue arose for me last week that I hadn’t dealt with much lately. A client asked me about recording a very small part of a two-person dialogue for a web video. I’m talking a ‘very small’ part. Their email included my portion of the script and a request for what I would charge for the recording. Since this is a relatively new client that I want to keep (obviously), I wanted to bid the job appropriately, but not sell myself out. The problem was, this recording didn’t really fit neatly into my price sheet, so I was going to have to be flexible and creative.

My biggest dilemma came as a result of wanting to ask what their budget was for this project, so I would have a basis to quote my fee. But I realized I had not developed a plan when it came to asking a client about their budget, when I needed to be ‘flexible and creative’ with my fees.

Eventually my client and I agreed on an amount that was mutually beneficial. But I now know how much easier and more comfortable the process would have been, had I developed a plan for dealing with such an issue up front.

I came across the following article on the Freelance Switch website, which is actually a fantastic site/blog devoted to freelance web designers and bloggers. I have found that a lot of advice that is shared on this blog relates to ALL those who consider themselves freelancers in their chosen endeavor. Yes, it translates well to freelance voiceover talent.

The author of this particular article provides some very good advice about how to discuss the question that can be uncomfortable for both the client and the freelancer…what’s your budget?

Is There Ever A Graceful Way To Ask Clients About Their Budget – Thursday Bram

What about you in your voiceover business? Have you developed a comfortable way to discuss your client’s budget? Do you ever ask or just tell them your fee, take it or leave it? I’m interested to know how you handle such a situation.

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    That’s a nice Freelance article and all, but it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. You have your fee, the client has a budget. When you state your fee, you’ll find out if it fits in the budget. If not, you can negotiate.