The Top Voiceover Blog Posts of 2014

blog micI venture to guess that you could spend a lot of time cruisin’ the old interweb and not find a more close-knit and connected group of professionals than those in the voiceover community. Through social media platforms, podcasts, webinars, boards, chatrooms, conventions, faffcon’s, meet-ups, websites, and BLOGS, the vo community continues to share more content and create more discussion about the industry, year after year.

And 2014 was no exception.

Via my favorite platform, the blog, voice actors from around the world continued to educate, inform, motivate and entertain about all-things voiceover. I have found over 130 voiceover bloggers that I follow regularly who willingly share their experiences and expertise, and much like each vo talent has their own voice, each vo blogger has their own personality and style of the written word that shines through with each penned prose.

Thankfully, so many of my friends in this vo blogosphere heard my call in requesting THEIR top vo blog post from the past 12 months, so they could collectively be shared for all to read, re-read, and read again in the list compiled below. I want to thank each and every blogger who shared an article, and, if you are reading this as a vo blogger yourself and didn’t get your link to me, I would still be glad to add yours to the list. Just send it via email to:

My friends, I thank each and every one of you who have written or read a vo blog this year. As I’ve said all along, reading your blogs is like getting a FREE voiceover education, week after week. And I thank you as well for your online friendship and professionalism! 

Here’s to a Most Prosperous and Happy New Year behind the mic!


(in no particular order)

  1. Your Voice Over Showreel Is Not As Important As You Think gary terzza 2014 Gary Terzza
  2. What ‘They’ Don’t Understand hugh klitzke 2014 Hugh Klitzke
  3. Insanely Busy, Sane Productivity bobbin beam 2014 Bobbin Beam
  4. Tear Down The Walls! cliff zellman Cliff Zellman
  5. Voiceover: A Challenge For You! dan friedman 2014 Dan Friedman
  6. Ann’s Go-To Vocal Exercises ann utterback Ann Utterback
  7. Popped P’s: Fixing Excessive Plosives In Voiceover Recordings lance blair 2014 Lance Blair
  8. Do I Really Sound Like That? rich brennan Rich Brennan
  9. Pulling The Trigger karen souer 2014 Karen Souer
  10. With A Little Help From Our Friends Mike Broderick Mike Broderick
  11. Vision: What’s A Picture Worth… ron minatrea 2014 Ron Minatrea
  12. Sneaking In Through The Front Door rex anderson Rex Anderson
  13. Parade Magazine – And The Myth Of Easy Voiceover Money randye kaye Randye Kaye
  14. What If You Just Get Better? bob souer Bob Souer
  15. How Not To Be A Good Friend, Follower Or Connection js gilbert J.S. Gilbert
  16. The Secret Weapon For Beating Allergies jordan reynolds 2014 Jordan Reynolds
  17. Is Your Voice Over Website Mobile-Friendly? debbie grattan Debbie Grattan
  18. The Lost Art Of Listening Terry Daniel Terry Daniel
  19. Voice Talent Wisdom: Not Your Typical Advice Column Christian Rosselli-crop Christian Rosselli
  20. 15 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do Marc Scott Marc Scott
  21. Our Reach debby barnes 2014 Debby Barnes
  22. I’m In Love With My Gear (With Apologies To The Queen) brad venable Brad Venable
  23. Facebook Voiceover Groups Frank James Bailey Frank James Bailey
  24. The Top Three Tired Tropes Of The Voiceover Business rob marley 2014 Rob Marley
  25. More Voice Over Mistakes To Avoid abbe holmes Abbe Holmes
  26. The 60 Year Old Voice Or It’s Never Too Late herb merriweather Herb Merriweather
  27. Don’t Ignore Your Vocal Health Carmi Levy.High Res Carmi Levy
  28. Hobby Or Business? Both? andrew wehrlen 2014 Andrew Wehrlen
  29. New Voiceover Niche! andy boyns Andy Boyns
  30. A Bird In The Hand j michael collins J. Michael Collins
  31. Veteran Voiceover Advice john lano 2014 John Lano
  32. Training Session Sneak Peak bill dewees Bill DeWees
  33. Cracking The Accent Code anna parker naples 2014 Anna Parker-Naples
  34. I Work For Talents, Not Clients Encore roger king 2 Roger King
  35. Why Competition Is A Good Thing rachael naylor 2014 Rachael Naylor
  36. The Link Between Fantasy Football & Your VO Success scott and susan spaulding Scott & Susan Spaulding
  37. Bring Your Brand No Matter What The Breakdown Says david h lawrence xvii 2014 David H. Lawrence XVII
  38. The Soldier, The Singer & The Guitar Maker elizabeth holmes 2014 Elizabeth Holmes
  39. 5 Ways To Listen Actively When Learning Accents paul baston 2014 Paul Baston
  40. You Will Hate This Blog tom dheere Tom Dheere
  41. Five Warning Lights (For Voice Talents) dan hurst 2014 Dan Hurst
  42. Keep Talking natasha marchewka 2014 Natasha Marchewka
  43. How To Find Free Music For Videos jason mccoy 2014 Jason McCoy
  44. 10 Simple Ways To Surprise Your Clients paul strikwerda 2014 Paul Strikwerda
  45. Is It Twirth It To Tweet? heather costa Heather Costa
  46. On APAC! johnny heller Johnny Heller
  47. 10 Things I Learned At Faffcon 7 Jerry Reed Jerry Reed
  48. 15 Unfortunate VO Mistakes To Avoid j christopher dunn 2014 J. Christopher Dunn
  49. A Narrator’s Look At Audiobook Marketing karen commins Karen Commins
  50. Top 10 Voiceover Websites dane reid 2 Dane Reid
  51. 5 Best Ways To Get Yourself Ignored Online steven lowell 2014 Steven Lowell
  52. 6 Ways To Create A Feel Good VO Workspace kelley huston Kelley Huston
  53. George Whittam VO Studio Tech ryan drean Ryan Drean
  54. Hold Please… rose caiazzo 2014 Rose Caiazzo
  55. 8 Ways To Get A Well-Rounded VO Education Without Hiring A Coach dave courvoisier Dave Courvoisier
  56. I Think I’m Terrible And So Do I tony pasquale 2014 Tony Pasquale
  57. Matt Forrest, Dream Killer Matt Forrest Matt Forrest
  58. Failing Up Or Falling Flat? lisa rice Lisa Rice
  59. Words Of Wisdom From Dr. Maya Angelou ralph hass 2014 Ralph Hass
  60. I Stay Up Way Past My Bedtime (Even When I Don’t Want To) sabra may Sabra May
  61. The Myth Of Conversational VO joe j thomas Joe J. Thomas
  62. Two Words That Should Be In Every Email You Send rowell gormon Rowell Gormon
  63. The Day Walter White Made An Appearance In My VO Booth steve oneill Steve O’Neill

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    Thank you for this post. Just the reading I need to kick start 2015! One of my NY resolutions is to start posting! :-)