Coming Soon: (With Your Help) The Top Voiceover Blog Posts of 2014!

2014-2015-calendar-heroHELP! Can someone please tell me where 2014 went??

I’ve always heard that as you get older the years seem to go faster and faster. I’m not sure why that is, and why we can’t appreciate that time moves slower when we’re younger, but I DO BELIEVE!

That said, and since the end of the year will come, whether we’re ready or not, it’s time for me to help you catch up on one, two, or twenty of the years best Voiceover Blog Posts that you may have missed, or read once and couldn’t find again.

I am calling on you, my friends in the Voiceover Blogosphere who write so many fabulous blogs, to send me YOUR Top Voiceover Blog Post for 2014, so I can compile the ultimate year-end list, like we did for 2013, which contained over 50 top blog articles.

guest blog_mic2Please send the link to your favorite, most popular, top viewed, most tweeted…whatever criteria you use, voiceover blog post in 2014, and I’ll have the full list compiled and shared right here by the end of the year. But do it QUICK! I need them by December 19 at the latest!!!

Send your Top Voiceover Blog Post link to:  Or, send the link to me via Inbox on Facebook. Or, send the link via Twitter @DerekChappell  Or, use the ‘contact me’ tab on this blog. HOWEVER you can most easily send the link, please do!!

I’m excited to share the list and the AMAZING content that is generated daily, weekly and monthly by you, my vo blogging brethren!

Thank You!!!

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