12 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – July 5, 2014

blog-pic-for-top-blog-postsYes, it has been a few weeks since I’ve curated and shared the Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week. The lapse was not by design. I’m not one to make excuses, but the past few weeks have brought two new grand-babies on consecutive weekends, two time-consuming trials in my law practice, two large vo gigs, and assistance with social media presence for FaffCamp II. ‘Nuff said!

I do appreciate your patience and continued interest in my blog and the Top VO Blog Posts, which I will start sharing again on a weekly basis…there are no more grand kids expected for a while! To see all of the blogs posted by your vo colleagues during the past few weeks, visit Voiceover BlogTalk.

Speaking of FaffCamp…if you feel you need ANY help at all with ANY aspect of your voiceover business, I emphatically encourage you to consider registering TODAY for the next faffing experience. It will be the BEST money you’ve ever spent on your vo carrer! Trust me, I’m a lawyer. Ok, nevermind that. Trust me, I’m a past Faffcon attendee! (That carries more credence than the lawyer-thing). Visit FaffCamp.com NOW!! (Time sensitive Registration, or the event doesn’t happen!!)

Enjoy the blogs below and have a Great week behind the mic!

12 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

(no particular order)

  1. Don’t Fry Your Voice This Summer ann utterback Ann Utterback
  2. What Marketing Options Remain? peter oconnell Peter O’Connell
  3. Planning Your Voice Over Demo? Remember These 3 Simple Words To Get The Job Done Right susan berkley Susan Berkley
  4. An Emergency FaffCamp Announcement tom dheere Tom Dheere
  5. 8 Ways To Avoid Sabotaging Your VO Career Lin Parkin Lin Parkin
  6. Giving The Benefit Of The Doubt Marc Scott Marc Scott
  7. You Actor joe j thomas Joe J. Thomas
  8. A Key Quality To Building A Successful Voiceover Talent Career debbie grattan Debbie Grattan
  9. Do These Four Things For Your VO Business on “The Fourth” dave courvoisier Dave Courvoisier
  10. Beyond Voice Over: How Your Voice Can Ruin Opportunity David Lawrence Xvii David H. Lawrence XVII
  11. Imply Hugh Klitzke Hugh P. Klitzke
  12. Take The Easy Way Out In A Script…Avoid Risks…And Lose The Magic Christian Rosselli-crop Christian Rosselli

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