12 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – June 7, 2014

blog-pic-for-top-blog-postsIn the past week some of your fellow voiceover artists have shared more valuable information for you to absorb, ponder, and use in your vo business, including…

studio do’s and dont’s (Hugh Klitzke)…customer service tips (Dale Latham & Matt Forrest)…a personal review of her APAC experience, with pictures (Rachel Fulginiti)…the best vo resource websites (Dane Reid)…and a creative way market yourself and keep your hungry clients well fed (John Melley)…and much more!

To those who write voiceover blogs each week, I thank you for sharing your insights and advice. To those who read voiceover blogs, I encourage you to leave comments on those blogs that move you or help you with your vo journey.

Have a Great week behind the mic!

12 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

(no particular order)

  1. Don’t And Do – No. 1 Hugh Klitzke Hugh Klitzke
  2. Two Voice-Over Jobs I Never Would Have Gotten If I Didn’t Go To High School peter oconnell Peter K. O’Connell
  3. APAC 2014 Rachel-Fulginiti Rachel Fulginiti
  4. Customer Service 101: Is Your Voiceover Customer Service Soaring With Eagles? dale latham Dale Latham
  5. The Stuff Between Your Ears PaulStrikwerdaHeadshot Paul Strikwerda
  6. 5 Health Tips For Voice Over Talents Lance-Blair-Headshot-229x300 Lance Blair
  7. Studio Connections Digital Audio & Voice Talent BobbinHeadshot Bobbin Beam
  8. Dane Reids Top 10 Voiceover Websites dane reid 2 Dane Reid
  9. A Few Facts About Follow Up Marc Scott Marc Scott
  10. Managing Your Voice Over Career 3 abbe holmes updated Abbe Holmes
  11. How To Disappoint Customers In Two Easy Steps Matt Forrest Matt Forrest
  12. How To Get Voice Over Work Using A Paper Plate [podcast] John Melley John Melley

You can read ALL of the voiceover-related blog posts from the past week on VOICEOVER BLOGTALK.

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For More Voiceover Info Read: Voice-Over Xtra!

For More Voiceover Info Read: Voice-Over Xtra!

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