Celebrating Tweet #10,000

10000tweetsWhat a week it’s been on my favorite social media platform!

I just celebrated my 5th Twitterversary, starting in Twitter-infancy, 2009.

I just gained my 2,000th follower, appreciating each and every one.

And…(drum roll please)…I just sent my 10,000th Tweet!!

What, no party? No balloons? No candles on a big frosted cake?

I’m not surprised. Most of my family and friends, other than my kids, could care less about Twitter…don’t understand how to use Twitter…and still think of Twitter as that place where everyone just tells everyone else ‘what they had for dinner’.

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Granted, to some, Twitter is still considered the insignificant-kid-brother to Facebook, the social media gargantuan that even grandparents have figured out how to use. So like a kid-brother, most treat Twitter with that same kid-brother mentality…‘get outta here kid, you bother me’.

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If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 10,000 times, “I just don’t understand Twitter”. I liken it to the brussel sprouts dilemma: “Never tried em, just know I won’t like em”. But, as with many things we don’t understand, we just don’t try because it seems too difficult, or the basis we use for feeling the way we do is our perception of other people’s perceptions. (Full disclosure…I don’t like brussel sprouts).

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Try it. You might like it.

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I consider Twitter my #1 social media platform because it is the one where I’ve had the most success. By success, I mean: contact, conversation, conversion.


If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I use it mainly to share everything ‘voiceover’. I make it a point to use Twitter to share not just my own vo successes, but mostly those of others. I consider my use of Twitter in the vo community my way of paying it forward to those who share and support me and others striving to attain their dream as a vo talent. Most of my 2,000 Twitter friends (I really don’t like the term ‘follower’) are talented voiceover artists from around the globe. So to keep my friends happy, I make it a point to share their blogs, tweets, and posts about the good and bad of their vo journey. My contact with these professionals is priceless.

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But mere contact is not enough, and not what the use of social media is all about. The REAL benefit for me is the conversation that develops after the contact. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of voiceover knowledge I have gleaned from other talent that started as a conversation based on a tweet, or retweet of information. Often the conversation has to be moved to a different forum, because it is just too good and beneficial to share 140 characters at a time.

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There are many theories in the voiceover community as to whether or not social media is actually a useful way to market oneself in an attempt to obtain business. This is where one must use the culmination of the contact and conversation to create a conversion, i.e., convincing your twitter friend that you can provide a service they need. I can tell you that I have obtained voiceover jobs via referrals from vo talent I am friends with on Twitter, as well as made contact with producers, video production company reps, and business owners themselves who have either hired me, or now have me in their roster of vo talent. Many of these would never have occurred without the initial exposure and contact on Twitter.

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Not all of my 10,000 tweets have been business related. I also like to have fun on Twitter. I think one must mix up the business use of such a platform with some personal fun and sharing. I also tweet about my day, the Lakers, the Royals, our local High School and College athletics, my kids, my family, Star Wars, rock bands, celebrities, and anything fun that interests me. Granted, since many of my Twitter friends are colleagues and possible clients, I try to keep it close to the vest about opinions on some topics, but, one must be human and add a personal touch in a way that possible clients can relate to.

Oh, and one real fun use of Twitter is to post things that embarrass your kids. I have a lot of fun with that one!

If you’re not on Twitter, follow this link to their YouTube page and find out what it’s all about. Here’s just one video that can help explain why I like Twitter as my #1 platform.


As I look toward my next 10,000 tweets, I want to say THANK YOU to SO many friends who Reply, Retweet, and Favorite what I share. I hope I’ve repaid the favor 10,000 times over!

Thanks for being a Twitter friend.

Please join me on Twitter, click here: @DerekChappell

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  • http://HasTheVoice.blogspot.com/ Ralph Hass

    Congrats Derek!

    I haven’t been on Facebook in a couple of days and, like you, prefer Twitter for interaction.

    But I guess your tweets will slow down for the next two days with NO basketball playoffs:)

    Go Spurs and Heat!

    In honor of your milestone, enjoy some music from
    10,000 Maniacs.



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