Adobe Audition Lesson #18 with Scott Fortney – Noise Reduction

adobe-audition1-150x150At times it seems like there are as many different types of recording software as there are voice talent using them. Each comes with its own bells and whistles, and all have a learning curve that can be frustrating and intimidating.

If your chosen tool for recording, editing, and mastering your voice tracks in your home studio is Adobe Audition, and you haven’t met Scott ‘Scooter’ Fortney, welcome to your new favorite day!


Scott Fortney

Scott is an accomplished and well-respected voice talent residing in Swatara, Pennsylvania. Many know him as ‘The Man’ when it comes to ‘all-things’ Adobe Audtion, because of his willingness to share his knowledge, free of charge, via his social media platforms. If you’re new to Adobe Audition or have been using it for some time and just need help with one specific issue, here are three ways you can learn more:

  • Subscribe to Scott’s YouTube Channel, where you’ll find dozens of helpful tutorials, like the latest I’ve shared below dealing with Noise Reduction.
  • Join Scott’s Facebook group, Inside Adobe Audition, which he describes as a place to share our successes and air our problems with Audition, offer solutions and even new tips. This group is consists of everyone from newbie to audio professionals, but we all put our pants and skirts on the same way.
  • If you’re serious about voiceover, your career, and your use of Adobe Audition, send Scott an email and see if he may be able to answer your question with a quick reply. That’s what I did, and we’ve been friends ever since!

For the most part, I have found the voiceover community to be a tight-knit, helpful, and caring group of people, like no other I’ve experienced. And it’s professionals like Scott Fortney, who are willing to share their expertise and time, that make it the place I want to stay!

Adobe Audition Lesson #18 with Scott Fortney – Noise Reduction

…And on a side note, if you’re looking for a few minutes in your day just to take a break, unwind, smile, and have a good moment to yourself, I recommend jumping in the ‘way-back’ machine with Scooter via his fantastic flash-back-in-time-series, Where Were You?

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