Monday Morning ‘Edge’ – Get A VO Edge/VO Equipment Upgrades

edge studio logoOn this week’s edition of The Monday Morning Edge, voice talent and prolific vo blogger, Paul Strikwerda gives you advice on getting an Edge in your career with the right voiceover coach. And, on the latest episode of Whittam’s World, George asks, “Is it time for an equipment upgrade?”.

David Goldberg, CEO of Edge Studio, and his staff & coaches, are industry leaders in coaching, recording, and directing voiceover talent,. They are well known as one of the premier studio’s for voiceover education and community, providing years of knowledge and insight, not to mention tons of free stuff.


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Getting The EDGE In Voice Oversby Paul Strikwerda

Paul is an Edge Studio Coach. To book with him, call 888-321-3343888-321-3343 or email

Paul is an Edge Studio Coach. To book with him, call 888-321-3343888-321-3343 or email

“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”

“They’re taking advantage of newbies.”

“They’re just interested in your money.”

“I wasted more than $1000 on a demo and nobody wants to hire me.”

Spend a day on social media and you’ll discover that talking about voice over coaching can make certain people a bit…edgy. Usually, they’ve had a bad experience or they know someone who was ripped off.

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Paul Strikwerda is Edge Studio’s International Marketing Expert. To schedule with Paul, call (888) 321-3343 or click here.


Whittam’s World

with George Whittam

Time For An Equipment Upgrade?

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Thanks to David Goldberg and Emily Battles for supplying the content for this week’s Monday Morning Edge.

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