11 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – March 8, 2014

blog-pic-for-top-blog-postsOne thing I’ve learned over my past 460 blogs posts since 2009 is that if you really want to connect with your readers, an emotional connection is a must. The kind of connection your reader makes by finishing your article and saying to them self, “Hey, I feel that same way!”, or “Hmmm, I can relate to that”.

This past week I wrote an article that literally wrote itself as I sat down at the keyboard, and as evidenced by the number of hits, comments, and retweets, I think I connected. If you didn’t get the chance, I invite you to give it a read, ‘Give Up – Giving Up’. And, for more connections with your voiceover blogging colleagues, I invite you to read these 11 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week.

NOTE: Congratulations to fellow vo talent and prolific blogger, Paul Strikwerda, on the milestone of gathering his 5,000th subscriber this week. If you don’t subscribe to Paul’s blog, I recommend you do so immediately!

Have a Great Week Behind the Mic!

11 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

(no particular order)

  1. The Marriage Between Voiceover Casting And Social Media – Friend or Foe? jessica gee george Jessica Gee-George
  2. Advice Ahoy! nicola redman Nicola Redman
  3. How To Use Pinterest For Your Voice Over Business Marc Scott Marc Scott
  4. My Question Was Answered On EWABS steve tardio Steve Tardio
  5. Fixing Noise In Soft Recordings David Lawrence Xvii David Lawrence XVII
  6. Learning To Network & Networking To Learn heather costa Heather Costa
  7. New Voiceover Niche! andy boyns Andy Boyns
  8. They’re Just Like Us: Life As A Voice Over Artist Is Really Just A Constant Hustle heather baysa Heather Baysa
  9. How Animation Inspired Mark Flood To Over Come A Stroke Lin Parkin Lin Parkin
  10. What Should You Look For In A Voice Over Coach? jay britton Jay Britton
  11. Do You Have The Guts To Be A DIY Voice Actor? Johnny-Hatebait-150x150 Johnny Hatebait

You can read ALL of the voiceover-related blog posts from the past week on VOICEOVER BLOGTALK.

And, if you missed them, be sure to read the Top Voiceover Blog Posts of 2013.

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