15 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – March 1, 2014

blog-pic-for-top-blog-postsI am a sports nut. Love to watch, play, and talk about sports. So for most of my life I’ve talked in sports cliches’ and SportsCenterisms. When I read this week’s blog offerings and put together the list of the Top Voiceover Blog Posts, one phrase came to mind: “I’m not good enough to carry their jock”.

My apologies to the female artists on this week’s list.

What I mean is, as a fellow vo artists and blog writer, I read these articles and was amazed at the amount of knowledge, insight, inspiration, humor, advice, and camaraderie shared. I can only hope that I reach a point in my vo career that I have the ability to spread so much wealth to others in this manner.

Enjoy your weekend and Have a Great Week behind the mic!

15 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

(no particular order)

  1. Vanessa Hart’s Final Days Didn’t Have To Be BobbinHeadshot Bobbin Beam
  2. Careers, Hobbies, And Knowing The Difference Matt Forrest Matt Forrest
  3. Why Competition Is A Good Thing rachael naylor Rachael Naylor
  4. What I’m Doing About ACX And Their Royalty Rate Change David Lawrence Xvii David Lawrence XVII
  5. Thinking Of A Career In Voiceover? 10 Key Questions To Evaluate Your Potential Rachel-Fulginiti Rachel Fulginiti
  6. Screw Yelp, Angie’s List, And Most Recommendations js gilbert J.S. Gilbert
  7. Voice Actor ‘Bottom Feeder’ Explodes At ‘Medium Voice Talent’ kurt myers Kurt Myers
  8. Part 2: ‘Bottom Feeder’ Voice Actor Answers Critics kurt myers Kurt Myers
  9. Where Is The Love? Give Yourself A Hug – You’ll Need It In Voice Over  deb munro Deb Munro
  10. 5 Tips For You YouTube Video Voice Over Demos Marc Scott Marc Scott
  11. Cipriano Talks Connectivity dave courvoisier Dave Courvoisier
  12. Help – I’ve Got My First Voice Over Job Gary Terzza Gary Terzza
  13. Unwritten Rules: Things Voice Actors Must Know Johnny-Hatebait-150x150 Johnny Hatebait
  14. In A World Of Kittens And Puppies Jerry Reed Jerry Reed
  15. Asking For A Raise PaulStrikwerdaHeadshot Paul Strikwerda

You can read ALL of the voiceover-related blog posts from the past week on VOICEOVER BLOGTALK.

And, if you missed them, be sure to read the Top Voiceover Blog Posts of 2013.

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