14 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – November 23, 2013

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Every weekend, I share what I believe to be the best voiceover blog posts written during the week, by your vo colleagues, coaches, engineers, and others who are gracious enough to sit before their keyboards and put thoughts, information, education, insight, and always a little humor, online for the rest of us to enjoy.

There’s plenty of all of the above in this week’s Top Voiceover Blog Posts.

Enjoy reading and Have a Great week behind the mic!

14 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

(in no particular order)

  1. Living On Air: A Book Review peter oconnell Peter O’Connell
  2. Are You Really Listening? Marc Scott Marc Scott
  3. An Alternate To ISDN – ipDTL Could Just Be The Future rachael naylor Rachael Naylor
  4. LinkedIn Recommendations v. Endorsements: What’s The Diff? dave courvoisier Dave Courvoisier
  5. The Question Every Voiceover Business Should Ask steven lowell Steven Lowell
  6. The Gold Rush bob souer Bob Souer
  7. A Conversation With Dan Lenard Bobbin-Beam Bobbin Beam
  8. It’s Just Reading terry daniel holiday Terry Daniel
  9. Virtually A Day With Friendsandy boyns  Andy Boyns
  10. What’s Your Motivation? Dan Friedman Dan Friedman
  11. On How Easy VO Isn’t David Lawrence Xvii David H. Lawrence XVII
  12. One Voiceover Audition, Two Agents? What To Do? jonathan tilley Jonathan Tilley
  13. Give It Away, Give It Away Now connie terwilliger Connie Terwilliger
  14. How To Save Money On Your Home Voiceover Studio jordan reynolds Jordan Reynolds

If you read or write a voiceover-related blog and would like to have it added to my list for review, please leave the URL in the comments below.

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