10 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – March 30, 2013

This week’s review of The Top Voiceover Blog Posts includes an inaugural podcast from John Melley…a Great analysis of your voiceover business by Randye Kaye and Juan Carlos Bagnell…and the ‘beginning of the end’ for ISDN, explained by Dave Courvoiser.

If you have a particular blog you’d like to add to the list, just do so in the comments below. These are reviewed and shared for ALL, so don’t be shy if you write or read a voiceover blog you’d like to share.

Thanks for your interest and have a great week behind the mic!

10 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

  1. Why I Hired My Plumber: How’s Your Voiceover Business?Randye Kaye
  2. Are You A Voiceover Commodity? [podcast] – John Melley
  3. After Years Of Hard Work, It’s Time To Cut CornersMatt Forrest
  4. Are You Selling Or Waiting?Juan Carlos Bagnell
  5. Can You Get There From Here?J. Christopher Dunn
  6. Voices.com Talent Narrates Vatican II: Inside The CouncilStephanie Ciccarelli
  7. Verizon Dropping ISDN In Some StatesDave Courvoisier
  8. Creating A Wave Paul Strikwerda
  9. The Voice Realm Speaks About QUICKcast Part 2 – Marc Scott
  10. Change Is InevitableConnie Terwilliger

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