9 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week – March 16, 2013

With Google announcing the demise of Google Reader this week, you may be searching for new sources to feed your desire of ensuring that you do not miss the content you crave from the voiceover community. Well, look no further than where you are!

I hope you consider my blog as a relevant and timely source of popular and informational voiceover content. I’ve made it my goal to not only share my personal views and insights, as I travel the road of my passion, but also to share the adventures and lessons provided by others as well. Talk about a learning experience!!

For your reference, I invite you to follow the following:

  • If you are looking for a specific voiceover blog, you’ll find it on my VO Blogs page.
  • If you want to keep up on daily content from your favorite bloggers, you’ll find it on Voiceover BlogTalk.
  • If you get behind during the week, catch up here every weekend, with the list of the Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week.

I appreciate your interest in my blog and resources and look forward to your visiting often, to share the ride on this vo journey.

Have a great week behind the mic!

9 Top Voiceover Blog Posts This Week

  1. How To Time BlockJohn Melley
  2. What Some Client’s Won’t Tell YouPaul Strikwerda
  3. It’s Voiceoverly HabitualStefania Lintonbon
  4. Lisa Biggs – The Person Behind The VoiceAndy Boyns
  5. 10 Secrets To SuccessBobbin Beam
  6. Regret Vs FailureMarc Scott
  7. Are You Ignoring The Value Of Video?Dave Courvoisier
  8. Hobby vs. Career – “The Voice Over Battle Begins”Victor Singleton
  9. Disney Acting vs. Real ActingMatthew Edwards

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