Having Tea With Darth Vader?

Have you ever had to convince a potential client that YOUR voice is THE voice that will really make or break their project? Case in point…would you really have been afraid of the menacing villain, Darth Vader, if he sounded more like he was inviting you for tea than convincing you of the benefits of turning to the Dark Side?

(In my best British accent…) “I think not.”

Watch this clip and you’ll see, and hear, what I’m getting at.

Now enjoy this clip, featuring THE VOICE himself, James Earl Jones, explaining his take on voicing Vader, and you’ll feel, and hear, a calm in the Force.

Here’s hoping you’re THE VOICE for all of your auditions today! (You were thinking I was going to say, “May the Force Be With You in all of your auditions today.” Weren’t you? I’m not That big of a geek!)

Credit to Britt Hayes of ScreenCrush. See the full article here.

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