Do You Remember Your First Time At The Mic?

Do you remember the first time you stepped up to a microphone? Butterflies? Nervous? Sure. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be human. But, I’m guessing for most of us, that first time came at an age when we knew why we were nervous. We were afraid of making a mistake.

But when you’re younger, much younger, that fear doesn’t seem to be such an overpowering anxiety. When you’re younger and you get such an  opportunity, fear seems to be replaced by excitement and enthusiasm. And a Big smile when you enjoy your ‘moment’.

When you step up to the mic today do you still have that excitement and enthusiasm like it’s your first time, or are you filled with nervous anxiety? Do you need a reminder what that youthful innocence and excitement looks like? Watch this video and you’ll see it…along with a lot of smiles, including your own.

(Thanks to my good friend, Dale Leopold, for posting this video on Facebook last week.

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  • Derek Chappell

    Glad it brightened your day Andy. Kids are sometimes the best medicine.

  • Derek Chappell

    My pleasure Dave. Thoroughly enjoyable seeing the unspoiled joy of kids in action.

  • Andy Bowyer

    This was precious. Thanks Derek. It brightened my day considerably. :)

  • Dave Wallace

    That made me smile, thanks for sharing this!