Can You Define Your Passion For Voiceover?

I got more excited about receiving a $250 check for a recent voiceover job, than a check 5x larger for a recent settlement in one of my legal cases. Does that sum it up?

I’d love to hear your definition.

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  • Billy James

    Now THAT’S passion. I can’t see anybody topping that one… 😉

  • Anne Ganguzza

    My passion – well let’s just say that this sentence actually moves me: “Pneumatics is a specific area of hydraulics in which a gas (usually air) is used to transmit energy and power to one or more actuators to provide a force to move a load.” If it’s a medical narration with long words, it’s even better! Total word geek – :)

  • Herb Merriweather

    …my passion for voice over is stated in just one word–fanatical! Cora has to stop me from going overboard on late night noise sessions and binge-voicing…