5 Things I Learned When “iDoneThis”

At the end of July, I shared with you my new way of keeping track of my daily voiceover success, by using the ‘iDoneThis’ online calendar. The premise of the calendar is very simple…you sign up to receive a daily email at the same time each day that asks you ‘what you did today’, and when you reply to the email with an explanation as to what you did, the response is posted onto your personal ‘iDoneThis’ calendar.

Here is my calendar for the month of August.

The check marks indicate days where I posted a response to the email, showing my voiceover success for that day. As you can see, there were a few days where I missed a reply. My use of the “iDoneThis’ calendar was very insightful. Here are 5 things I learned:

  1. 24 hours goes by pretty damn fast.
  2. When I received my email each day at 10:00 p.m., there were many days I hadn’t accomplished anything yet.
  3. No matter how big or small the success, tracking it daily created a positive energy.
  4. Planning a success for each next day became a routine.
  5. Keeping track of my successes EACH day made it tangible to see my success build each week and to see just how much success I had achieved by the end of the month.

Did you keep track of your daily successes? How did you do? Feel free to share. If you didn’t keep track, I highly recommend this exercise for at least one month. You will feel great as you develop a habit of creating daily successes that you can build on each and every day.

I Done This…You Can Too!

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  • Dina Schultz

    Hope to get some soon! Will be happy to share.

  • http://www.thevoiceofyourbusiness.com Derek Chappell

    I’m glad to have helped Barbara. -Derek

  • http://www.thevoiceofyourbusiness.com Derek Chappell

    Great idea Debbie. I may start adding $ totals on my iDoneThis calendar as well. -Derek

  • http://www.thevoiceofyourbusiness.com Derek Chappell

    Thanks for taking the time Dan. I am going to add you to my Blogroll so I can be sure to share your awesome engineering insights with others. -Derek

  • http://www.thevoiceofyourbusiness.com Derek Chappell

    Hey Dina, how about some pics of you and your horse! -Derek

  • http://www.thevoiceofyourbusiness.com Derek Chappell

    Thanks for the feedback Jill. I just love the simplicity of it, yet its so motivational to keep you moving forward every day. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. – Derek

  • Barbara Labitska

    I’m just getting started in voice overs and I think this will be a great help. I need a motivator to get me jump started and I’m glad you told us about this.

  • http://www.debbiejacksonproductions.com Debbie Jackson


    Twelve years ago, when I started freelancing and working for myself I started using a “money calendar”, a monthly calendar like your iDone This where I could would write down any money that I made from voiceovers and mobile DJ work on a given day. I still do it and it helps me see at a glance if my business is steady or slowing down.

  • http://www.sound4vo.com Dan Friedman

    Anything measured… improves.

    Good stuff Derek!

    Dan Friedman

  • Dina Schultz

    Derek, This is very cool! Since I already have a tracking system in place for work, I’m going to use “iDoneThis” to track everything I do to progress as a rider–whether it’s what I accomplished in a lesson, something I read in an article or book, a workout I did to strengthen riding muscles, or even just bonding time with my horse. Thanks for blogging!

  • http://www.GOLDIVOX.com jill

    hi, derek! ever since you posted about idonethis, i have been “doingthat” and really love it! in fact, i’ve told several other people about it, too, including my kids, and they are now into it. i think it is a fantastic idea. i love journaling anyway, but doing it this way is very quick and simple, and i love that it emails you to do it (what a great reminder!) and gives you encouragement when you are on a streak, and gives you support when you miss a day (or more). excellent recommendation you made. focusing on what actually got done is great motivation, too. thanks so much for sharing! take care, jill